Organizing playdates with other sailing families
Organizing playdates with other sailing families

Connecting with other sailing families and organizing playdates is crucial for families embarking on a sailing adventure. It provides children with an opportunity to socialize while allowing parents to connect with like-minded adults.

Organizing Playdates with Other Sailing Families

As you embark on your sailing adventure with your family, one of the most important aspects of your journey will be ensuring that your children have the opportunity to socialize and make friends with other kids. Organizing playdates with other sailing families is a fantastic way to achieve this, as it allows your children to bond with their peers while also giving you the chance to connect with like-minded adults. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of organizing playdates with other sailing families, including finding other families, planning activities, and ensuring safety during these gatherings.

Finding Other Sailing Families

The first step in organizing playdates with other sailing families is to find them! There are several ways to connect with other families who share your passion for sailing and adventure:

Join Online Communities

There are numerous online forums and social media groups dedicated to sailing families. By joining these communities, you can connect with other families who are on a similar journey, share experiences, and even arrange meetups and playdates. Some popular online communities for sailing families include:

Attend Sailing Events and Regattas

Sailing events and regattas are excellent opportunities to meet other sailing families in person. These events often have a family-friendly atmosphere, with activities and entertainment for children. By attending these events, you can make connections with other families and potentially arrange playdates for your kids.

Connect with Families at Marinas and Anchorages

When you arrive at a new marina or anchorage, take the time to introduce yourself to other families on nearby boats. You may find that there are other children who would love to have a playdate with your kids. Additionally, marina staff and local cruisers may be able to introduce you to other sailing families in the area.

Planning Activities for Playdates

Once you have connected with other sailing families, it’s time to plan some fun activities for your playdates. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Beach Exploration

Organize a group trip to a nearby beach, where the kids can play in the sand, swim, and explore the shoreline. Bring along buckets and shovels for building sandcastles, and consider organizing a scavenger hunt for seashells and other beach treasures.

Dinghy Adventures

If your playdate is taking place at an anchorage, consider organizing a dinghy adventure for the kids. They can take turns driving the dinghy (with adult supervision, of course) and explore nearby coves and inlets. Be sure to pack life jackets, sunscreen, and snacks for the trip.

Arts and Crafts

Set up an arts and crafts station on your boat or at a nearby beach, where the kids can create their own nautical-themed masterpieces. Provide materials such as paint, markers, glue, and paper, as well as items found in nature like seashells, driftwood, and sea glass.


Teach the kids how to fish, either from your boat or from a nearby dock. This can be a fun and educational activity, as they learn about different types of fish and the importance of sustainable fishing practices. Be sure to have the necessary fishing gear and licenses on hand.

Movie Night

Host a movie night on your boat, complete with popcorn and cozy blankets. Choose a family-friendly film with a nautical theme, such as “Moana,” “Finding Nemo,” or “The Little Mermaid.” If you have the space and equipment, consider setting up an outdoor movie screen for a unique under-the-stars experience.

Ensuring Safety During Playdates

Safety should always be a top priority when organizing playdates with other sailing families. Here are some tips to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe time:

Establish Ground Rules

Before the playdate begins, establish a set of ground rules for the children to follow. These may include staying within designated areas, wearing life jackets when near the water, and always having an adult present during activities.

Adult Supervision

Ensure that there is always at least one adult present and actively supervising the children during the playdate. This is especially important when the activities involve being near or on the water.


Make sure that all adults involved in the playdate have a reliable means of communication, such as a VHF radio or cell phone. This will allow you to quickly get in touch with one another in case of an emergency or if plans change.

First Aid Kit

Have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand during the playdate, and ensure that all adults know where it is located and how to use its contents. Accidents can happen, and it’s essential to be prepared to handle minor injuries.

Sun Protection

Sun protection is crucial during playdates, especially when spending time outdoors. Encourage the children to wear hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and provide shaded areas for them to take breaks from the sun.


Organizing playdates with other sailing families is a fantastic way to enrich your children’s lives and create lasting memories during your sailing adventure. By connecting with other families, planning engaging activities, and prioritizing safety, you can ensure that your playdates are a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. So, set sail and start making new friends on the open sea!