Making the most of visits from friends and family while sailing
Making the most of visits from friends and family while sailing

Discover how to make the most of visits from friends and family while sailing, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Making the Most of Visits from Friends and Family While Sailing

Sailing the open seas with your family is an incredible experience, but it can also be a challenge to stay connected with friends and loved ones back home. One of the best ways to maintain these connections is by inviting them to join you on your sailing adventure for a visit. In this article, we’ll explore how to make the most of these visits, ensuring that both you and your guests have a memorable and enjoyable time.

Planning the Visit

Before your friends and family set foot on your boat, it’s essential to plan the visit carefully. This will help ensure that everyone has a great time and that your sailing lifestyle is not disrupted.


First and foremost, consider the timing of the visit. You’ll want to choose a time that works well for both you and your guests. This may mean working around school holidays, work commitments, or other personal obligations. Additionally, consider the weather and sailing conditions during the proposed visit. You’ll want to avoid inviting guests during hurricane season or other times when the weather may be less than ideal.


Next, think about how long the visit should last. While it may be tempting to invite friends and family for an extended stay, it’s important to remember that living on a boat can be a significant adjustment for those who are not used to it. A shorter visit of a few days to a week may be more enjoyable for everyone involved.


When planning the visit, consider the destination(s) you’ll be sailing to during your guests’ stay. Choose locations that are interesting and enjoyable for everyone, taking into account the preferences and interests of your guests. This may include beautiful beaches, bustling cities, or remote islands. Be sure to also consider the sailing conditions and distances between destinations, as you’ll want to ensure that your guests have a comfortable and enjoyable sailing experience.


Finally, think about where your guests will sleep on the boat. Depending on the size of your vessel, you may need to rearrange sleeping arrangements or invest in additional bedding to accommodate your visitors. Be sure to communicate with your guests about the sleeping arrangements ahead of time, so they know what to expect and can pack accordingly.

Preparing Your Boat

Once the visit is planned, it’s time to prepare your boat for your guests’ arrival. This will help ensure that everyone has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Cleaning and Organizing

First, give your boat a thorough cleaning and organize your belongings. Living on a boat can be a bit cramped, so it’s essential to make the most of the available space. This may mean stowing away personal items, decluttering common areas, and ensuring that your guests have room to store their belongings during their stay.

Safety Briefing

Before your guests arrive, prepare a safety briefing to share with them once they’re on board. This should include information about life jackets, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment, as well as emergency procedures and basic boat operation. Providing this information will help your guests feel more comfortable and confident during their stay.

Meal Planning

Plan your meals for the duration of the visit, taking into account any dietary restrictions or preferences your guests may have. Stock up on groceries and other supplies before your guests arrive, so you don’t have to worry about running out of food or other essentials during their stay.

Activities and Entertainment

To make the most of your guests’ visit, plan a variety of activities and entertainment options that everyone can enjoy. This may include:

Sailing Excursions

Take your guests on sailing excursions to nearby destinations, allowing them to experience the thrill of sailing and the beauty of the open sea. Be sure to choose destinations that are appropriate for your guests’ experience and comfort levels, and consider offering sailing lessons if they’re interested in learning more about the sport.

Land-Based Activities

When you’re not sailing, plan land-based activities that allow your guests to explore the local area. This may include hiking, snorkeling, shopping, or cultural experiences, depending on the destination and your guests’ interests.


Don’t forget to schedule some downtime for relaxation and bonding with your guests. This may include leisurely meals, sunset cocktails, or simply lounging on the beach or deck of your boat.

Games and Movies

For evenings or rainy days, have a selection of games and movies on hand to keep everyone entertained. This can be a great way to bond with your guests and create lasting memories.

Saying Goodbye

When it’s time for your guests to leave, be sure to send them off with a heartfelt goodbye and a small token of your appreciation for their visit. This may be a souvenir from your travels, a framed photo of your time together, or a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for their company.

Staying Connected After the Visit

Once your guests have returned home, make an effort to stay connected and maintain the relationships you’ve strengthened during their visit. This may include regular phone calls, video chats, or even planning future visits together.

In conclusion, visits from friends and family can be a wonderful way to maintain connections while living the sailing lifestyle. By planning carefully, preparing your boat, and offering a variety of activities and entertainment options, you can ensure that both you and your guests have a memorable and enjoyable experience.